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Over 15 years of experience dedicated to the web marketing sector and incomparable know-how in the collection, qualification and analysis of email files. Easy Email Data now has the largest database in terms of quality and quantity. If you are looking to buy email address files to perform mailing and telemarketing operations we can offer solutions adapted to all budgets and any type of segmentation request.

Easy Email Data’s accurate mailing lists and online contact list-builder tool bring innovation to the direct marketing industry. With a few easy clicks, you can find and download premium contact information from a large range of industries and levels. Getting leads has never been this easy and affordable!


Easy Email Data is a game-changer in the direct marketing industry. With our very own contact list-builder tool, an industry first, you can search, order, and download an email database with just a few easy clicks and reach your targeted leads. We offer our services at extremely affordable pricing and have the best price-to-quality ratio in the industry. Our clients usually use our mailing lists for many direct marketing purposes.

We are not the only data-seller out there, but we stand out because of our quality. Our aim is to provide clean and extremely qualified contact lists. We work with ISPs and ESPs to keep our email databases up to date. Unlike our competitors, who may provide a complicated mailing list, we provide the actual data files, ready to be fed into your CRM software. We also guarantee a 90% deliverability rate with our contacts.

Buying qualified & compliants email files

Our Guarantees

We specialize in the sale of quality databases. Small or large companies, you can buy the ideal mail file to achieve your goals. Each contact is verified and the prospect databases are updated regularly. Our site collects information from official sources, online or not. In order to ensure the quality of its products, the site ensures that each contact, mainly with individuals, authorizes the reception of advertising emails.

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