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The importance of Lead Generation

Do you feel that you have found the right Lead Generation technique to help grow your business ? Not always easy, you will tell me ... and this is quite normal as Lead Gen's techniques evolve regularly and more and more quickly All the studies show that the behavior of the B2B buyer has changed dramatically in recent years. He would now complete 60% of his purchasing journey without any contact with a salesperson (source LeadGenerator, 2019). Hence the importance of informing him and of being in front of him at all times, but without harassing him because his digital maturity is greater. So how does the new generation lead generation work? 1 / A double requirement ... which may seem contradictory On the one hand the requirement to be permanently in front of the prospect, which implies numerous content, rather frequent, repetitive and massive campaigns, and on the other hand the requirement of a reasoned marketing, precise and responsible, just like the authors of the GDPR would dream of. We believe that B2B outbound marketing must become more precise and more responsible in order to be effective and must ultimately make it possible to make the "lead generation" smarter. The advantage of a business intelligence or "Smart Data" tool like Mixdata is precisely to make it possible to create better segmented files and to engage the right targets. We are shifting to much finer and more personalized conquest marketing than ever before. 2 / Sales Intelligence and Sales Automation, 2 tools that go hand in hand to generate leads Once the mailing segments have been established, all you have to do is ensure the regularity of your actions, the continuity of your presence with your core target prospects by imagining intelligent scenarios.

They will allow you to solicit selected prospects by sending them automated email campaigns, at the frequency you choose, and from your professional email. You thus constitute your prospect file targeted on Mixdata and then you export it automatically to the Sales Automation tool of your choice. In other words, here we are talking about simple, no-frills, but very effective email scripting tools for small and medium-sized businesses that don't necessarily have a bloated marketing department. On the condition, of course, of imagining intelligent messages, personalized and more original than the messages seen and reviewed, most often from banks of poorly translated American "templates". For this channel as for others, the idea is to be able to constantly create value-added content to "push" it through emailing or sales automation. 3 / The need to distribute your content on different channels: omnichannel as the watchword. All Growth Hackers will tell you and you will see it for yourself: one channel is not enough. Your prospects can now be found and touched on multiple channels. You must therefore imagine new approaches, on known and sometimes already old channels. Here is a quick overview of the different channels that you can test because, depending on your market and the level of digitalization of your prospects, some will be more relevant than others! The emailing channel Educational emails and value-added content Transactional emails Promotional emails (regularly because recurrence is a success factor) Social networks LinkedIn ads of course for all B2B issues: via sponsored links or editorial content, participation in discussion groups or by relaying information from your market. Viadeo maybe a little more ... Twitter for highly digitalized sectors and in a very targeted and surgical way Facebook or Insta ads for agencies or companies in B2C and B2B activity Here too, you have to target your lead generation actions and be able to make yourself visible only to the right strategic accounts otherwise you risk spending a lot of money for a huge bounce rate! Some additional tips on lead generation with Linkedin in this article. SEO and SEA Writing work done on your website, optimization of your blog, creation of different sites or mini-sites Natural referencing, paid ... do not hesitate to get help from an expert in the field, the rules are complex and often evolve Behavioral targeting: Retargeting and others Tracking of visits to your website and cookie system allow you to stay present with your visitors on their browsing routes Efficient but be careful to remain "reasonable" and not to cause a saturation effect 😉 Professional shows, physical events “in real life” Because some prospects will only remember you if they meet you (yes, it still exists…)! Finally, the last channel not to neglect to generate leads if you have content: the webinar, or dissemination of value-added information in the form of an online webconference, to watch live or in podcast, and which often generates quality registrants. In conclusion Just like the angler who gradually improves, a winning approach from Lead Gen cannot be decreed, it is optimized over time with the experience of the tools used and the learning curve that exists for each market. It is also optimized with good sourcing and good upstream files "so that the fish bite a little"!

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