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Email Campaigns Management
Data  Audit
Data  Consultancy
Need help with your email campaigns?
All our packages offer an HTML email creation service. Just relax and let our team manage it all for you. 

We also provide a data verification/ cleaning service which will generate a more efficient open/click rate of your existing databases


We deploy effective e-mailing campaigns targeting a wide variety of profiles, for one-off operations or as part of a global acquisition program.

AN INTEGRATED DESIGN STUDIO Easy Email Data also intends to support brands in the graphic design of their campaigns. Our creative teams thus ensure respect for your visual universe while guaranteeing the effectiveness of the supports put in place.

DATA ANALYSIS REFINE YOUR PRM STRATEGY Generating a qualitative link, encouraging target engagement, making a prospect an active client, that is our ambition.

We also advise you in controlling and optimizing the acquisition cost.


MARKETING ITS INACTIVE BASES we allow you to exploit the full potential of your non-client contact databases by marketing them. we also advise you in the creation of your own monetization system.


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Email Campaigns

  • Responsive email design

  • Automatic list cleaning (bounces & unsubscribes suppression)

  • Email Preview & testing feature

  • Email personalisation

  • A/B split facility

  • Create full HTML and / or TEXT only emails

  • Unlimited number of projects and campaigns

Data cleaning service & list verification

  • Unlimited number of contacts

  • Multiple unsubscribe lists management

  • Create filters and generate dynamic lists with unlimited logical rules

  • Unlimited number of core tables and database fields

  • Data driven automation & scheduling

  • Export Manager gives you access to data for analysis and CRM integration by event type

  • GDPR data compliance and permission management

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